Qualifications for Cab Drivers 

Common requirements include:

- driver’s license in good standing, held for a period of time in the state (2 years minimum)
- no major criminal convictions (or at least nothing recent)
- no DUI convictions (in the past 5 years)
- ability to speak English
- at least 23 years of age
- completion of an authorized taxi school (passing a class and/or exam )

Options for Taxi Drivers

What are the options? Do you own the cab? Do you lease it? Do you work for a company? There are several possibilities for taxi driver jobs:

a. Long temrm lease as an Owner-Operator. In this case, you purchase your own taxicab and maintain your own license (sometimes called a taxi medallion). Because you own the cab, you drive it on your own schedule and are free to sublet it to another licensed cab driver for an additional shift, provided you think the extra cut is worth the wear and tear on the cab itself. Of course, you are ultimaately responsible for maintenance, upkeep, and all the associated business expenses such as insurance, airport inspection fees etc.

b. Gas and Gate . When you lease a cab on a daily ( shift) basis.  You pay for the gas, leasing fees ( can vary based on the shift) . This means that you may not always get the same cab from the garage however, you have the advantage of working for a company instead of subletting from an individual owner-operator.

Instant pay

One advantage of being a taxi driver is that you generally get paid immediately. Over the course of an average week, about half of your income is cash and half can be credit cards, paratransits and vouchers. Overall it’s a steady, reliable income.

Other Advantages of being a Cab Driver

We  are affiliated with Flywheel, a very popular smartphone based app among taxi drivers and public. As an independent contractor you can choose to join Uber taxi, InstantCab or other smartphone based apps.

- Only in taxi you are allowed to accept Paratransits.
- Ability to drive wheelchair acessible minivans.
- Work is often available on 24/7 basis ( the legal length of commercial drivng shift is 10 hours)
- You have the opportunity to interact with people of various backgrounds….tourists, business travelers, locals, etc.
- You can showcase your knowledge of the city.
- You can avoid traditional work environments.
- Pay does improve with performance, at least to some extent. If you’re a superior driver, you can make outstanding tips.
- Rude riders don’t last forever. After every bad experience, you get to start over again.
- Job stability ! There will always be a need for taxi cab drivers in San Francisco.

We are fully compliant with the local regulations. We are fully protected with a commercial type of auto liability insurance. Your personal assets will never be in danger while driving  a cab.

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